Dr David Knight takes a more natural, holistic approach to IVF. He understands that this isn’t just about the science and technology although that plays a very big role. He works with your body’s natural functions rather than forcing it in ways nature doesn’t intend. His clinical evidence-based programs are focused on approaches using less drugs which also means less side effects for you. He will also assess your specific circumstances and where evidence supports the use of special dietary requirements or supplements, we will make recommendations to you.

Holistic doesn’t mean compromising on pregnancy success rates. In fact, his pregnancy success rates are in line with the best IVF clinics in the world.

Dr David Knight provides high-end treatments that form the backbone of any IVF Clinic including IVF, ICSI and sperm procedures. He utilises a number of IVF techniques tailored to his patients needs including Lipiodol IVF, Natural IVF and Mild Ovarian Stimulation.

Dr Knight specialises in sophisticated and thorough diagnositic assessment of both men and woman before identifying whether IVF is the optimal treatment option. He prides himself on partnering with his patients to empower them in the decision making process and seeks to maximise the chances of his patients falling pregnant and having a baby.

Dr Knight is also the Medical Director of Sydney Fertility Clinic, Demeter Fertility.