Donor - Egg & Sperm

Donor - Egg & Sperm

Demeter Fertility is able to provide donor sperm. We have negotiated supply agreements with the European Sperm Bank-USA and Fairfax Cryobank. This sperm is able to be accessed by patients seeking treatment with Dr Knight and use of this sperm through Demeter Fertility fulfils both Federal and State Governments' legislative requirements. You can then surf the European Sperm Bank-USA

In the past donor sperm has been difficult to access, with many patients needing to find their own donors. With this service, Dr Knight aims to help make this process easier.

Counselling is an essential component of our donor program. We carry out counselling at our rooms. Our counsellors require one session with the recipient and partner (if relevant), one session with the donor and partner (if relevant) and one session with everyone together. The sessions must occur in this order. The counsellor completes a report after these three sessions.

The sperm banks specialise in Open Identity or Open ID donors, a requirement of NSE legislation. These donors have also agreed to at least a single contact with any children born through use of their sperm, upon request of the child, when the child reaches the age of 18.

All donors are subject to an extensive screening process. In addition to providing detailed family medical and personal history information, donors undergo semen analysis, a physical examination, extensive blood and urine testing, and genetic screening at our sperm bank. The sperm banks use industry-leading donor screening procedures and adhere strictly to the FDA and state regulations for sperm banks. For donor semen sold outside of the United States, ESB USA and Fairfax Cryobank comply with all international health authority screening guidelines.

For information about costs associated with counselling, call 1300 899 850.